Staff Team

Dr. Bill E. Field, Professor

Project Director

William E. Field, Ed.D, has been a professor since 1977 in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University and is an Extension Safety Specialist for Purdue’s Cooperative Extension Service. He has conducted training nationwide and internationally on safety, health, and emergency management-related issues.

Denise L. Heath

Information Processing Systems Operator

Denise has been an information processing systems operator since 1978 and assists in developing brochures, fliers, pamphlets, newsletters and any other need of the project team. She brings with her an experience in organizational skills and editing that will greatly assist this project.

Dr. Mahmoud Nour, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Researcher (Agricultural & Industrial Safety & Health)

Dr. Nour conducts research on agricultural injury surveillance programs, including the Purdue Agricultural Confined Space Database. His research focuses on reducing injuries and fatalities in agricultural workplaces by studying all related hazards and causative factors of injury risks in depth and disseminating that information to extension and safety professionals. He has developed a standard process of identifying, documenting, and categorizing injuries and fatalities in agricultural workplaces in the U.S.

Mike Manning, MS

Agricultural Safety Training Consultant

Mike started his Purdue Extension career as the ANR Educator in Perry County, he also served in this role in Jasper County and then provided service administratively as the Northwest District Director before working on campus as Assistant Director for staff development. He has served Purdue Extension for over 31 years.

Charlene Cheng, Ph.D.

Safety and Health Consultant

Charlene Cheng, Ph.D., has a degree in Occupational Safety and Health and has worked in industrial settings including rock mining operations. Her interest is in the efficiency of training resources and analysis of injury data for use in developing educational strategies. Since 2014, Dr. Cheng has participated in the preparation of Annual Summaries of confined space incidents.

Shawn Ehlers, Ph.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Shawn Ehlers is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University. He specializes in rural emergency preparedness and agricultural machine safety. His research focuses on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from disasters and their specific impact on rural communities. He also studies the prevention of injuries involving agricultural machinery. Shawn is also the program leader for IN-PREPared (Purdue Extension Program on Rural Emergency Preparedness)